Homebuyers using the SETH GoldStar Program will be required to complete the SETH on-line Homebuyer Education Course. All borrowers on the mortgage loan must individually attend the class. 


Select from the choices below to launch our Homebuyer Education Course. You will choose the Red Button if you are the only borrower on the mortgage loan. If there are multiple borrowers on the mortgage loan, then each borrower will select the Blue Button below.  The class is offered in English and Spanish.

Step 1

Complete the Create Account section. Be sure and select “Individual” if you are the only borrower on the mortgage loan and select “2 or More Borrowers” if there is more than one borrower on the mortgage loan. If there are multiple borrowers registering, you will need to enter the co-borrower’s email address and name.

Step 2

You will need to pay for the course to begin. The cost for the course is $100 if there is one borrower on the mortgage loan and $60 each if there are 2 or more borrowers.

Each borrower on the mortgage loan will need to complete the course at their own pace.

When you finish this course, you will be provided with a completion certificate. This certificate will be required by your Lender for loan approval. Remember- if there are multiple borrowers on your mortgage loan, each borrower will need to have a completion certificate in their own name.

We encourage you to complete your course as early in the home buying process as possible. The course provides great information and helps to give a greater understanding of the home buying process. Your certificate is valid for 12 months and the class fee is non-refundable.

Homebuyer Education


About GoldStar


The SETH GoldStar Program provides assistance in the form of a forgivable 2nd lien. The maximum amount of Assistance to be provided is 7% and is based on the final loan amount.  Assistance funds are provided with our 3 Year, 7 Year or 10 Year Community Second Liens.  The Assistance is considered forgiven at the end of the Community Second Term. Your Loan Officer can help you decide which option is the best choice for you.


These funds can be used toward your down payment and closing costs. The program also provides a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. Mortgage options are FHA, VA, USDA and Conventional. There is no pre-payment penalty or federal recapture tax for the mortgage loan. 

This program is available in Texas but outside of Travis County and the city limits of El Paso, McKinney and Grand Prairie. Buyers must be income eligible (see below) and will be required to complete the SETH on-line Homebuyer Education Course.

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       Mortgage Approval With a Program Lender

       Meet Program Income Limits

       Minimum FICO Score of 620 (640 USDA)

       Complete SETH HBE Course

       Maximum Purchase Price: $484,350




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Program Lender List

.Maximum Purchase Prices:

FHA Max Sales Price Limits 

USDA/VA/Conv Max Sales Price Limit: $484,350

Maximum Income Limits:

FHA/VA Max Income Limits

USDA Max Income Limits

Charter Conventional Incomes

Expanded Conventional Incomes 


Contact SETH


Nell Turk: Homebuyers            Rhonda Mitchell: Lenders

nturk@sethfc.com                            rmitchell@sethtexas.com